Honduras Endorsement:

In order to process an application for Honduran Certificate of Endorsement we require the following documentation from the applicant:

  1. Application form (for Certificate of Endorsement, Seaman's book or both).
  2. Passport photo.
  3. Medical examination for seafarers, max. 6 months old.National medical examinations can be used.
  4. Copy of national Certificates of Competency.
  5. Copy of passport. Passport must have at least 6 months validity left.
  6. Copy of the basic STCW training course certificates i.e. STCW Regulation VI/1,  VI/2, VI/3 and VI/4. (Basic Safety, Survival Craft, Fire Fighting and First Aid).
    Note:These course certificates must not be older than 5 years. If older than 5 years  additional costs will be invoked even though some flag states regard these asnon-renewable according STCW I/11.

Download Endorsement Application Form here (in pdf)

Download Seamans Book Application Form here (in pdf)